Well, I’m a bit tired today, and just plain tired of school … but sadly for me and for you, I have a final on Wednesday which needs a lot of attention, so this post will be short.

Yesterday I ran down to Bloomington for the wedding of Jessica and Koji, referenced in Friday night’s post. It was really a beautiful ceremony, and I know people say that all the time, but this one really was.

the ceremony
They are lovely people, and they were so obviously filled with joy to be there, to be joining their lives and their families together, they just shone with happiness. My sister was the maid of honor.

jessica & chelsea
pretty flowers on the tables
The reception was also very nice, we were seated with Jesse, a friend of my sister’s from high school, and his girlfriend Charlie, and they were truly a delight.

catching up
Funny, interesting, down-to-earth people, pictured in the photo above talking with the bride.

cg2 & dad
Definitely worth the trip down yesterday and back today.

Now off to the studying, but first, today’s musical wheel of fortune reveals:

The Soggy Bottom Boys – I am a Man of Constant Sorrow [O Brother Where Art Thou (movie link) soundtrack (2000)]

Maybe I need to see this movie again, but right now I like the soundtrack a lot better than the film itself, or at least my remembrance of it; which sounds kind of dumb being that the film and soundtrack are pretty inextricably intertwined, but I figure you can work out what I mean.

This studying is rather a constant sorrow I must say. Until tomorrow, then….