I don’t remember anything else about that song, except, something about 2 weeks, 2 days til we say we’re sorry …yes, I am referring to the Barenaked Ladies.

Anyway, this marks one week of daily blogging, a quarter of the way through, and still pushing onward.

I believe I was going to tell you about my little Irish, er, misunderstanding, but I have to tell you, it is a boring story and really sounds more like something you would encounter with a slightly crotchety old aunt. Not really blogworthy. As a result of this email encounter, though, I was spurred on to lock in the final two days of my itinerary, in Westport. I went with the Westport Plaza Hotel [site could use some help; TripAdvisor review], apparently a four-star but running a December rate (thank goodness for low season!) So this will make a change from the B&B in Galway city.

In other Ireland related news, I am getting a new camera; my phone does a great job for a phone (better in clear, daylight conditions), but it has pretty considerable limitations and I don’t have very high expectations for its performance in precipitation of any kind. I will also, hopefully, be able to regale you with some movies. The goal was to strike a balance between performance and cost … I am pretty optimistic that this will be a good little camera. Also I ordered the cutest case for it (the stripes). 🙂

So I will be leaving three weeks from tonight. Oh my! I will feel more excited after next Wednesday’s final exam, about which I have some trepidation.

Today’s musical wheel of fortune reveals:

After the Gold Rush – k.d. lang [Hymns of the 49th Parallel (2004)]

Certainly a much more melodious rendition of this tune than its daddy could give. Good old Neil Young. I think I might prefer Harvest to this album, but that’s neither here nor there since this comment really ought to be about k.d. lang. Instead, I refer you to my earlier post, with brief review of the live performance I caught this summmer (second bullet point).

See you tomorrow, same Bat channel…