Oh wait, we all did last night.

Apparently, for me, (a) The more you laze around, the more tired you feel, was the case yesterday [see post]. How to remedy the situation … why, rearrange all the furniture in your living room. All except the Wall of Books, anyway. I spent about five hours cleaning, and moving, and cleaning, and moving and then reassembling. I’ve lived in this apartment for nearly four years and it was time for a change; also I have some anticipated changes for furnishings and whatnot, and in that way this is a transitional layout. There was a tiny ripple effect on my bedroom as well, but nothing to really note. All that’s left to do today is figure out what to do with now extraneous items. Some can go into the office, but others I’m not sure.

Apparently, I don’t have any “before” photos – sorry. If anyone has any, send them and I’ll add them for the proper comparison. Some of you will be familiar with the old layout. A quick snap of the new layout, bearing in mind I have west exposure so the afternoon is really the best time for this room:

This morning, the wheel of fortune has the day off. So I present you with:

http://static.last.fm/webclient/inline/1/inlinePlayer.swf Anonymous 4 – Benidicamus domino

I find a capella, medieval masses, sung in Latin, to be extremely soothing, possibly by way of my mother’s shared preference. I was in NYC about five years ago and went to visit The Cloisters, part of the Met, and built from parts of five medieval French cloisters. [NB You probably don’t know that I did what was essentially a minor in History, and that the bulk of my courses focused on the Middle Ages/Medieval period. It fascinates me. And I love Ellis Peters’s Brother Cadfael series, check it out.] But, back to The Cloisters – it’s a wonderful place to visit, contemporary gardens, etc., – and it has a great gift shop. I got this recording for my mom there, 11000 Virgins (really, what a title), as at the time she didn’t have any female-only masses. We’ve been wearing it out ever since.