Yeah, folks, blogging fatigue has set in, in a big way. I expect blog-reading fatigue may also have set in.

Hmmm…. well, I arrived in Bloomington on Saturday, late afternoon, more or less just in time for my reunion. In college, I was part of the Indiana Memorial Union Board of Directors during my junior and senior year. What did we do? Well, we met a lot, and were very earnest, and some of the rest of the time, we were very silly, and somehow we also managed to put on a lot of student programming from big name lectures and concerts, to campus comedy and a literary magazine, along with a film series, usually a play or other types of performing arts events, and a bunch of other stuff, plus we did all our own PR and advertising … it was actually a great way to get some real-world experience and make some lifelong friends. [Plus I got a really nice nameplate which still sits on my desk, the likes of which no employer I have had (however nice in other ways) would have provided.] Yeah, so anyway, there’s a biennial reunion, and this one coincided with 10 years out of college for me. I realize my situation is a little unusual in that my family lives in my college town, but actually I rarely ever go over onto campus these days, and probably haven’t been over there since four years ago (the last time I attended a biennial). It’s so interesting to see the places you roamed as a younger person, and to see the people you knew then – it shows you how you have, or have not, changed. I saw evidence of both. I’m glad I went. If you want to see some photos of my alma mater check out the set on Flickr (which I barely resisted calling, “This is MY public school, bitches!”). A teaser:

looking towards Dunn Woods

So, what did I do after that … well, Sunday I made the obligatory Target run with my mom and sister, which I always enjoy, then went back to the homestead, got settled and sent comments on papers (note to self: don’t teach in quarters during which you are enrolled as a student). We had some fried chicken. Yum.

Today my mom and I hung out, did some errands, went to an outlet mall – bought only lunch. Came back to town and restocked the ‘career wardrobe’ at the blessed B-ton TJ Maxx. Oh how I love the Maxx for the Minimum. Double ply cashmere, cheaper than some mediocre merino sweaters at the outlets. Rock on.

Fascinating I’m sure. Tomorrow, lunch with a grad school friend who’s now back at the IUL professionally; and (yay!) sushi for dinner, which means some Yelping is in my future. And some more commenting on more papers. Sigh.