That’s right, I have been invited to join the Yelp Elite. I don’t know if someone nominated me – in which case, thanks! I’ll share any of the promised special discounts or whatever with you – or if Andrea W., the intrepid Chicago manager lady, who does quite a bit of trolling around, came across my scintillating reviews. Kidding. If you are bored/curious, there’s a little widget on the right siderail of my blog here that will zoom you away into my Yelp reviews.

Anyway, I will admit to being rather pleased and more than a little excited in that there’s a t-shirt in the offing. At the same time, I feel certain that this is essentially an extremely clever marketing technique of theirs, but whatever. It’s working.

If you haven’t been using Yelp, I highly recommend it as a good place to get another viewpoint on really almost anywhere you are thinking of patronizing, from restaurants to dry cleaners to groceries. You get your cranks, as everywhere, and you get your sycophants, as everywhere, but I do find it helpful to get some feedback from people, you can usually intuit what is going to be useful to you. And if you Yelp enough, you too might end up with a t-shirt and a little graphic that says “Elite ’07” next to your name. PH and CG2, in particular, I think you should give it a thought.

The music will have to wait until later, I am supposed to be studying and just took a break to check the weather and my email …