I warn you, I am flagging a bit on the ideas today, so this post is a little random.

Today I carried my camera into work and back and took some photos of the fall foliage, which I fear will be gone all too soon. I’m so glad we got at least a few lovely days of crunching, beautiful leaves. Here’s an eyeful for you…

vibrant colors

japanese maple

abrupt onset

Apparently any unmarried woman over the age of 28 is legally a spinster — in the state of Illinois, anyway; I can’t speak to how prevalent this might be in all states. I’m not sure how they settled on 28, and I have absolutely no citation to prove said statement other than the testimony of a friend of mine (very reliable) whose sister encountered on the closing papers for her home, [her name], spinster. When she objected they said, ma’am, it’s the law.

Today’s musical wheel of fortune reveals:

http://static.last.fm/webclient/inline/3/inlinePlayer.swf Aqualung – Strange and Beautiful (I’ll Put a Spell on You)

You can get yourself a little 30 second snippet of it there from Last.fm anyway. I love this song. It’s dreamy, wistful and soft focus, exactly like the kind of crush it makes a perfect soundtrack for… I’m not saying strange and beautiful aren’t appealing. It’s just been my unfortunate experience that a few more sharp, poky, prickly corners than expected appear as the romantic, atmospheric haze clears. Alas. Be that as it may, I still have a crush on the song.