I was glad to see Katie’s post this morning, indicating that I am not alone in already hitting the wall, a mere three days in. I think the first couple times are always easier. This is the reason I am always whinging about how I should go to the gym and yet not going (sofa & pjs really don’t fit into that equation, and I think my odds for success are much higher on this blog project, being that those two key ingredients can be accommodated).

It’s not that I consider myself a person lacking in self-discipline in general – but it can take a bit to get those routines set in stone and to haul the cart over the bumps, as it were. And in my further defense, it’s not like I am not doing a bunch of “have-to”s as it is; I am sure that if I really wanted to, I would be getting off my big sofa, as you might say, and putting that big sofa on the treadmill. But between my homework, my teaching, laundry, cooking and just keeping things together I feel like I am managing about as much as I can right now. And I do have a plan for 2008 – “The Year of No” – which is meant to address this problem of overcommitment I seem to display. I’ve been able to eliminate some things, others will be phasing out soon (the academic quarter) and I have a couple others in my sights.

Despite the fact that I did not set my alarm this morning, an increasingly rare and always welcome event, I still feel tired today. Or is that sleepy. Here’s the part where I wonder which of these alternative explanations might apply:
a) The more you laze around, the more tired you feel
b) High output levels over an extended period of time, or long periods of stress, tend to result in the ‘crash’ phenomenon during unplanned times

So, do I pump up the volume and do all the things on my list? Or do I nap and lay around since tomorrow I have some things going and this is the last weekend this month I do not have plans that will take me away from home? Since bribery seems to be an effective self-motivation technique for me, I think I will strive to accomplish a modest list of essential tasks and then reward myself with a petite snooze.

On an unrelated note, I got some flowers this week and contrary to my expectations, they have not only blossomed beautifully, but continue to do so over time. I will separately post the photo from Flickr for your enjoyment …

Enough mental meandering online for today.

Today’s musical wheel of fortune reveals:

Billy Bragg & Wilco – One by One [Mermaid Avenue, Vol. 1 (1998)]

The link above will tell you in greater detail that Billy Bragg & Wilco got together and recorded a bunch of previously unrecorded Woody Guthrie songs. Honestly, I like the album and I don’t usually skip the tracks when they come up, but by and large it’s not one that I seek out often. Since I can’t get anything streaming for today’s winner, how about I offer you instead “California Stars” off the same album, one of the tracks I will seek out …

http://static.last.fm/webclient/inline/1/inlinePlayer.swf Billy Bragg & Wilco – California Stars

Tune in tomorrow, same Bat channel….