Today’s musical wheel of fortune reveals: The Clash – London Calling

I will admit that I was reintroduced to my appreciation and love for this song by the film Billy Elliott, which itself deserves appreciation and love, I think. I wonder how Mr Jamie Bell feels about the most recent choices of his ex-girlfriend. (I feel the photo with that story says it all.)

Doesn’t that make you glad you aren’t famous? It does me. Just take a little trip down memory lane and think about every unwise, painful, or just plain bad choice you ever made. Now think about the unwise, painful and just plain bad choices of your family members, friends, relations, and exes. Or shoot, of your current beau or partner. [You’ll notice I added “painful” in an attempt to be non-judgmental about choices one might not like. I am trying to open the mind here.]

You’ve got that firmly in your mind now? I’ll try and type quickly so it won’t have to stay long. Now, imagine everyone seems to be interested, and not in a “oh, honey, are you having a bad day?” way. More like, “WTF is s/he doing?! [cackle]” way. And the photos! Ugh. I shudder to think. So what’s the appeal of that? Money? Aren’t there other paths to financial and artistic success? Honestly it doesn’t strike me as appealing at all.

On the other hand:
Sitting in the lap of luxury, combined with the sort of relative anonymity that comes with old money, would be fine. I would, of course, be suitably philanthropic.

Getting back to our example above – maybe Marilyn is really a nice man. Perhaps I should choose to try and think of it (when I think of it at all) as a sort of Mr Rochester / Jane Eyre arrangement … except Mr Rochester would NEVER have worn all that pancake makeup nor the lion’s share of those outfits, despite the fact that he once dressed up as a gypsy; and Jane, you will recall, was “poor plain and without connection,” hardly trotting Across the Universe or doing magazine covers. No. I am sorry. My charity does not extend so far as to sully two of my favorite fictional friends, so I guess I will have to never think about MM and ERW again. That’s a relief.

Now, what in heaven’s name do you call a post like this?

Tune in tomorrow, same Bat channel….