Let the record show that part of my statement made October 23, 2007 is false, and in error. My alleged Desert Island tracks were inaccurate and incomplete.

I think I will have to change my answer to,

That was the worst question ever, and if I end up on a desert island, I hope I have my laptop so I don’t have to choose.

Since I wrote that list I have (of course) been struck by what feels like every other song off my Shuffle, or on my playlists, “How could I have forgot that one?!”

So, instead I am going to try a little project where I post (hopefully in addition to something else, something witty, erudite, thought-provoking…) a song a day. That I can do.

So, today, the song I have been digging a lot:

“The Underdog” – Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
(per usual, I am behind the curve, Pitchfork Media blogged it in June and they have a link to the MP3)