my sister whipped up this survey (her answers) … here we go …

favorite part of Christmas Eve/Day: hmm. we’ve been doing this family dinner on Christmas Eve thing the last few years, and I am really digging that.

favorite aisle in the grocery store: this sounds awful, but the wine department at Trader Joe’s. a world of wonder, ripe for perusal.

enneagram number: 1, and I hope I am doing this all right and that everyone is pleased with it, and it is bringing more goodness to the world.

chinese birth year: i think it is rabbit, but not sure.

ultimate convenient comfort food: define convenient? something i make quickly, or anything i pay someone else to make for me? hmm… how about a grilled cheese (fake cheese, texas toast) and vegetable soup from a diner.

the soda you wish all restaurants offered: soda water. what is it with Americans not having the soda option on the fountain machine? I WILL PAY FULL FARE. PLEASE.

the way you normally order your eggs: scrambled. i don’t like runny whites.

the #1 country you want to visit: hmm, well, right at the moment it’s ireland, but since that’s working, how about italy?

five other countries that you would really like to visit: england, northern ireland, scotland (sorry, no wales), japan, malawi

if you could speak any additional language fluently right now, it would be: gaelic? or, if not, maybe italian?

best trilogy ever filmed: um, for contemporary options, the choice is obviously LOTR. for back in the day, i like the original Star Wars being that it was such a key part of my childhood. mostly just Empire though.

top three in your netflix queue: including both my queues – The House of Eliott, The Prince of Egypt, and Love in the Afternoon. wow. i am a freak.

you always picture your wedding with what colors: although i have had PLENTY of time to consider this, honestly i have no idea. it would completely depend on the season. and i suppose the groom might have some input also, if only of the ‘but i hate [X-color]’ variety. ๐Ÿ™‚

pay at the pump or go inside: i always feel that if i have to go inside, i have somehow failed.

in one word, the thing that upsets you the most: callousness? the inability to be moved by others’ need or plight? i thought about selfishness, entitlement, suffering, poverty, abuse, cruelty, etc. – and all of those upset me, A LOT. i don’t know.

you’re happiest in this weather: crisp, cool, sweater with a scarf weather… whaaaaa! what happened to my autumn this year?!

seasonal pet peeves: overexposure. i don’t want to get an eye full in the summer, PLEASE, and it is equally bad in a different way when it is cold outside and someone is wearing, for all intents & purposes, a handkerchief.

you can’t sit still while: i have to pee? ๐Ÿ˜› sorry.

card game/board game that you usually win: don’t really play enough to say, and i’ve been total crap at scrabulous lately … it used to be trivial pursuit in the days when i had time to actually absorb info

target or wal-mart: for enjoyment, and general utility, target.

bathtub or shower: one choice? only one? forever? i decline to choose.

capt jack or will turner: am i choosing for me? obviously capt jack with the quips and the wit is charming, but i am too old for all his crap. and i’m sorry, orlando bloom is too pretty for me. if we’re talking about sailing the ocean blue, how about gerard butler as ‘the stranger’ in dear frankie?

james bond or jason bourne: daniel craig.

favorite flowers: the ones that people bring me? no really, i like ranunculus, lilacs, lots of things actually, just NOT carnations or lilies (their scent is too strong and it makes me sick).

email or real letters: hello! letters! cause then you get to buy awesome paper products!

song that will always make you think of high school: just one, eh. how about anything from Pearl Jam, ‘Ten’ or taking it back a bit farther, Jesus Jones ‘Right Here Right Now’ (how’s THAT for a one hit wonder). i also went through a morrissey phase.

cartoon theme song you will never forget: i can’t remember any.

it’s a travesty that they call ______ a cartoon: what are these things you call cartoons? i really have no answer for this.

if ____ was a real person, you would totally marry them: john thornton from elizabeth gaskell’s ‘north & south’. as played by richard armitage.

movie that will always make you cry: hmm, this could be a long list: little women, it’s a wonderful life, linus in the charlie brown christmas – i think three is enough.

movie that will always make you laugh: desk set. waiting for guffman. dr evil segments from austin powers 1 & 2.

movie that you wish you had never seen: apparently i am pretty good at blocking things out. oh! i know: waiting for mr goodbar. gaaaah.

real or fake Christmas tree: real, i have a little charlie brown esque norfolk pine that might be able to hold five ornaments this year.

you will always buy ____ (product brand) even if it costs more: Apple

the body shop or bath & body works: usually the body shop but i think the orange ginger line from b&bw (plus the fact that lil bit works there) might tip it for me.

furnish your house from scratch – ikea or pottery barn: no disrespect, but probably a combination of west elm, design within reach, crate & barrel and anthropologie. and THEN i would go to IKEA. unless i was really rich and then i would hire a designer like they do in domino magazine. ๐Ÿ™‚

xanga or blogger: blogger, although in my case it was blogger v. live journal.

online bill pay or mail checks: mostly online. but i still like my checks. i think they are dignified, but not boring.

i can’t believe ________ makes a living by ______ : [anyone] [playing professional sports & making millions of dollars when there are teachers, social workers, police, and firefighters (&c) who work two jobs. end of social commentary]

tv shows you never miss: well now that heroes is streaming, i never miss it.

preferred font: i cannot choose just one. i have books about type. IT DEPENDS! but i hate times new roman. and i loathe comic sans to the innermost circle of hell.

macs or pcs: see above.

#1 pet peeve when driving: jerks.

it doesn’t feel like Christmas if I don’t watch: scrooge, with albert finney.

nothing says summer to me like: flip flops

household chore you dread the most: ironing.

if you could play any instrument, it would be: either piano or guitar.

i’m a sucker for ____ : many things, and i’d really rather not reveal my personal kryptonites on the internet. i don’t want to be a party pooper, though, so how about ‘Silver white winters that melt into springs’

if i could give a high schooler a piece of advice, it would be: that cool people are cool precisely because they usually don’t give a crap about what other people think, so you might as well just be yourself – it’s easier anyway

i wouldn’t go back to __ grade if you paid me: ANY

favorite area in a fine art museum: not sure exactly what this means, but i love me some 19th c art, and i also have a soft spot for the Dutch masters too.

favorite starbucks order: pretty boring, grande misto, whole milk. if we are going for the gold here. i actually like caribou better.

i never get sick of this color: red. see: my house.

i can’t believe they haven’t issued ___ on dvd: well, it used to be my so called life, but now apparently they have, so i’m not sure …

i always pick this fruit out of fruit salad: almost all kinds of melon, which is why i rarely order fruit salad when out, since it seems to be 99% melon-based.

i don’t care how cute the chef/company is, i won’t eat: innards. of any kind.

music you’re listening to now: imogen heap, but really just my iTunes on party shuffle

last movie you watched: does a ‘best of the muppet show’ count? i hate to say it, but it was more fun the first time.

last tv show you saw: heroes.

and, lastly:
the glove compartment in your car – any gloves in there?
no, and have you heard the death cab for cutie song about just that question?