OK, this is one of those audience participation things, so please consider saddling up…

Here’s the idea, as explained by Katie:

So the deal is, I asked my sis three questions. She reciprocated and now I answer them here. If you’d like, you can ask three questions in the comments and I’ll answer them on this blog. Then I’ll ask you three and you have to answer them somewhere (if you have a blog, on your blog. If not, then…I guess in the comments?)

I’m answering Katie’s questions here; she answered mine in a post earlier this week.

Desert island CD. I leave it to your discretion whether you want this to be an actual released album or a mix CD – if it’s a mix CD, your discretion as to how many tracks you choose to list here … [This was my own question, fired back at me by Katie.]
Yeeeahhh… this was a stinker. Sorry. I am getting my just desserts (ha!) as they say. OK, I am going to approach this as a box set (giving myself an out later when i think: of course! how could i have forgot that!!), of which I will share a couple of discs, because only I would come up with a thematic box set of mix CDs just in case I ended up on what is clearly an amazing desert island with electrical power and A/V equipment – let’s hope Desmond is there too, maybe in this reality he’ll have forgot Penny – so copying Katie, the first is more up-beat, haul water and work on the hut; the second, my pensive mood music.

disc 1: sunshine

  1. Love will come through – travis
  2. Girl Inform Me – The Shins
  3. Almost – Sarah Harmer
  4. She will have her way – Neil Finn (off the Felicity soundtrack of all places!)
  5. Whip the blankets – Neko Case
  6. Suddenly I see – KT Tunstall
  7. Beautiful day – U2
  8. Daylight robbery – Imogen Case
  9. Looking at the world from the bottom of a well – mike doughty
  10. Canned heat – jamiroquai
  11. Nothing really matters – Madonna
  12. Senorita – JT
  13. Everything is everything – Lauryn Hill

disc 2: rain

  1. Virginia woolf (live version) – indigo girls
  2. Two of us – Beatles
  3. Sunshine – Keane
  4. Tangerine – Led Zeppelin
  5. Quicksand – Natalie Walker
  6. How it Ends – Devotchka
  7. My mathematical mind – Spoon
  8. Let Down – Radiohead
  9. She’s a Jar – Wilco
  10. Splendid Isolation – Pete Yorn’s cover
  11. Bring on the night – Police
  12. Pale September – Fiona Apple
  13. Ram On – Paul McCartney
  14. 40 – U2
  15. Everything’s not lost – Coldplay

yes, probably there would also be ‘joy’ and ‘pain’.. oof. Obviously this is just the first dozen or so i could come up with … blah blah blah. It’s a start. It’s funny the songs that make you think of things.

If you could give whatever you wanted (no cost/time/spatial restrictions) to someone you love, what would you give? And to who?

Hmm, another one where I feel like I need to weasel around, but since you said there is no time/space/spatial restrictions… I would take the first page out of PH & my lottery plans (we rode the Halsted bus for a looong time people, plenty of time to refine our ideas) and do a massive debt cancellation for all my family and friends (well, and for me too). Mortgages, cars, credit cards, school loans, what-have-you. One Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card, you might say. Then I figure more people would have the money and time to take themselves on vacation or buy that car or whatever.

As a fellow singleton (singletons of the world unite!), do you have any “deal-breakers”? Do you have anything that you would like a “date” or partner to possess?

Boy, howdy do I! How do you think I got here, girlie? No, but seriously. There are deal-breakers, and then there are those prefer-nots. Deal-breakers, at this point, I’d say …
– Religion, politics & money are the big ones, aren’t they? That’s the stuff people typically don’t talk about but which pervades value structures and decisions, so you have to get that sorted or you’re in for trouble in the long term. Belief in God is the real biggie for me – I’m Christian so I am looking for someone else who is down with JC, as you might say.
– Smoking. Sorry can’t deal.
– And of course, small hands, smell like cabbage …

I also will confess that I have some anxieties about the following, which are not quite deal breakers but pretty close:
– Vegan or vegetarian. Remember – I am thinking life partner here! I have lots of veggie friends whom I love, but if I am going to live with someone FOREVER, and presumably cook with them forever, it’s just too bleak to think of doing all that without meat. And I realize that many veggies are fine with other people eating the flesh, preparing the flesh, etc., but I know me and it would be this big guilty downer all the time in my kitchen, which is a place I love.
– Chronic lateness. For those of you who are thinking of particular situations past, I really did try to chill, I did! And it just never got any easier for me to cope with.

As for things I am looking for, that list has actually grown shorter, vaguer, and more amorphous as I’ve gotten older. I’ll know when and if I find it? Probably not a silent, sports-loving pig farmer from the northernmost rural stretches of whereever, who hates reading and only eats brown bread. Or a wild child party boy. But they wouldn’t like me either. Honestly, it’s going to take something to dislodge me from my happy life now, and I mean that in the best, least crotchety way possible.

So, if you survived that marathon of answers, bring ’em on. Bring on the questions. I just turned in some homework so I’ve got the time to take them DOWN! I’ll be watching the comments for the flood… 🙂