so, i’m going to Ireland (my previous post) i don’t have any photos, yet, obviously, but you can get yer fix on flickr: [tags: ireland+connemara or ireland+galway]

i’ve been busy this morning. probably should have been working on homework or cleaning, but that doesn’t make much of a post, now does it? 🙂 this is the part of the trip i love/hate – it’s always fun to research and investigate places, and seek a good rate, but this is also the part where you start adding up the actual amount of money you will be spending … so that’s not always my favorite, and there is always a certain amount of uncertainty no matter how many reviews you read.

here’s what’s locked down so far … i did a lot of reading on tripadvisor (link is to my profile), and have the latest Rick Steves and Frommer’s.

flight, arrival Shannon, Ireland on November 30. pick up car.

  • Nov 30: Old Ground Hotel, Ennis, County Clare. [their site]
  • Dec 1 & 2: Four Seasons B&B, Galway city. [their site, comes recommended by Rick]. on the way up, coastline of County Clare, probably in and about Galway city, possibly back down towards The Burren.
  • Dec 3 & 4: still pending. probably, Westport, County Mayo… waiting to hear back from a few places re rates. Connemara, the coast, Westport city, assorted other sites in the area (including those related to “The Quiet Man” — dorky, i know, but i am so there!)
  • Dec 5: Oak Wood Arms Hotel, Shannon, County Limerick [their site], five minutes from Shannon airport, seems like a fine place to just crash given my early flight the next morning. at this point, thinking of heading down to Shannon from Westport such that I can pass Clonmacnois, if reasonable… also it would be a way to get an eye-full of more of the country. we’ll see.
  • Dec 6, quite an early departure from Shannon, get into O’Hare mid- to late-afternoon.
  • [Dec 7 – get-over-jetlag, vacation day at home]

time for lunch now.