so in a rare impulsive action, i booked a ticket to Ireland – the fare was just too tempting this time. i’ll be headed over to Shannon International Airport the week after Thanksgiving. i’ll be there a week; would have been nice to have another day or two, but the way the fare worked out, and my vacation worked out, it was this or double the days off work, and i don’t have that time banked. i’ve been working out a travel plan, as i like to know where i’ll be sleeping plus that will be the off-off-season and, well, i’d like to know i’ll be able to find somewhere to sleep.

right now, i’m thinking, head into Ennis after arrival (it’s close, i’ll be bushed, and i’ll be driving … on the left side), stay there a couple of days and do some poking around including the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren, etc. then to Galway, up through Connemara, stop in Westport, and head back down to the airport. that is the super abbreviated version. i’ve always been fascinated by the Western counties so i think i’ll be staying generally in counties Clare, Galway, Mayo …

anyone here ever been to the West of Ireland? any suggestions? i’ve been poring over a few travel guides plus TripAdvisor … but tips are always welcome.

still can’t believe i’m going. ๐Ÿ™‚