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Month October 2007

Long and Short of It

Went to see “The Long of It,” first of a two night engagement for the Decemberists, on Sunday evening with Lil Bit. What a great show … musically, excellent; and they were also a lot of fun, and seemed to… Continue Reading →

Yes, your Honor, I recant…

Let the record show that part of my statement made October 23, 2007 is false, and in error. My alleged Desert Island tracks were inaccurate and incomplete. I think I will have to change my answer to, That was the… Continue Reading →


OK, this is one of those audience participation things, so please consider saddling up… Here’s the idea, as explained by Katie: So the deal is, I asked my sis three questions. She reciprocated and now I answer them here. If… Continue Reading →


unfortunately for you, and even worse for me, i have a paper to write, so that’s where my would-be blogging energy has to go today. however, in my continued effort to be better about posting, i leave you with this… Continue Reading →

street scene

street scene Originally uploaded by crgreene just a little taste of europe for you. i think this was taken in joigny, france. just wait til i get back from ireland – it’ll be picturesque gone wild on my flickr site…. Continue Reading →

Planny McPlansalot

so, i’m going to Ireland (my previous post) i don’t have any photos, yet, obviously, but you can get yer fix on flickr: [tags: ireland+connemara or ireland+galway] i’ve been busy this morning. probably should have been working on homework or… Continue Reading →

sisterly survey

my sister whipped up this survey (her answers) … here we go … favorite part of Christmas Eve/Day: hmm. we’ve been doing this family dinner on Christmas Eve thing the last few years, and I am really digging that. favorite… Continue Reading →

every bird-y, rock your body…

check this out, it really is a must-see. an excellent minute-and-a-half mid-week pick me up. you will need sound. Cockatoo Rocks Out to Backstreet Boys

CTA- *C*an’t *T*ravel *A*nywhere?

if you live in chicago, have you looked at the latest doomsday scenario bus route cuts? 72 buses left total. for the whole city. 82 eliminated by January 2008. take a second and read over the list. please, contact your… Continue Reading →


so in a rare impulsive action, i booked a ticket to Ireland – the fare was just too tempting this time. i’ll be headed over to Shannon International Airport the week after Thanksgiving. i’ll be there a week; would have… Continue Reading →

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