i really do mean two films, this isn’t one of those ’43 conversations with the woman’ or ‘-8 degrees between’ or whatever movies, where ten seemingly disconnected characters are discovered — sometimes gradually, but nearly always with some kind of big reveal in the last five minutes — to be TOTALLY INTERTWINED. wait, was i talking about LOST? … oh, no, right: the two films in question are: Wicker Park and Chicago: City of the Century.

well, Wicker Park can be dispensed with quickly: i find some enjoyment in any film about Chicago, if only, oooh… isn’t it lovely; or ohhh! i know where that is! most of my interest in this movie was of that kind. it probably didn’t help that the Netflix description invoked Vertigo to which Wicker Park couldn’t hold even a votive. the BIG REVEAL seemed a little obvious to me, so i fast forwarded up to a couple scenes in the last 20 minutes. i guess it was OK, at best. Josh Hartnett, i think, may have possibilities as an actor. i give it half a Chicago dog, without sport peppers.

Chicago: City of the Century, on the other hand, was, to quote the Teen Girl Squad [please note page title on this link], Sooooooooo GOOD! go PBS American Experience. probably a lot of my fellow Chicago-dwellers will be familiar with the story of the city’s history, but i will confess that i had sort of a mental quilt of facts i had quick stitched together over time … and now i am filled with a desire to (oh great) read more! because i have so much leisure time! 🙂 it’s in the Ken Burns style of historical documentary, with photographs, some early films, news clippings, and even some (pretty tastefully done) re-enactments. this has only one narrator, though lots of interviews, and i must say for him that his Irish accent is on a par with my dad’s, if that means anything to any of my readers. sorry dad, love you. see it. also, the bonus feature on exploring by L is only an hour and i am planning to pitch it to Bro Mark for our freshman class. i give it the the 43rd ward plus Graceland Cemetary’s votes.