810 w sheridan

love this quasi-permission? permission? piece at 510 w Sheridan.

a brief note from my travels around Chicago with our class of 21 first years, Bro Mark and Lil Bit [here’s the official description of DePaul’s Discover Chicago concept]… things go well so far, though today was hot as blazes, and it took 45 minutes under the highest speed of my fan plus a full liter of water for LB and i to feel human again. not too many photos from today, it was just too hot for me to do much other than try and stay on task. i’ll be trying to document better tomorrow and Thursday, and for those who are interested, will be posting mural photos from years past on flickr.

yesterday, some confusion regarding catering resulted in 1000 people wandering around the Quad, starving hungry and with only a long, lonely line of totally empty catering tables to greet them… not fun for anyone i’m sure. we applied three large pizzas to the problem and got on with our day, but it was dicey there for a few. in a world without cell phones, it could have been much worse; LB and i rounded up our disbursed charges by ringing each and every one of them on their mobiles. and, today, i was able to solve a transit conundrum by getting actual help, yes that’s right – a real, helpful human – on the RTA info line. hopefully tomorrow and Thurs will generate some nice vignettes from the trail.