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Month July 2007

an empire to run…

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finite incantatem

well, i’m done with HP7 now. since i foolishly read all through the early hours of Saturday morning, i may have to read it again to pick up some of the detail. there were things i liked and things i… Continue Reading →

spoilers redux: et tu, NYT?

i am ashamed of you. [spoiler-free description of what i am talking about] as my very wise mother has often said, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

spoilers – about them, not containing them

so, apparently, the entirety of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been posted online as photos – some sources I’ve seen mention Photobucket, others BitTorrent. it seems Scholastic (the publisher in the US) has obtained a subpoena to get… Continue Reading →

harry potter and the order of the phoenix (SPOILERS!)

i know, i am actually writing about a movie i left my house to see! and on opening night no less! also i would like to add that this will include spoilers so turn back now if that’s an issue… Continue Reading →

oh where, oh where, has the blog posting gone…

oh where, oh where is cg… sorry. couldn’t help that. well, here’s what i’ve been up to. perhaps this will assuage my no-posting guilt and allow me to just bravely move onward. i left off, dear readers, in mid June… Continue Reading →


so there we are. i believe Josh is trying to give me his leather. before he takes from me my lace. HA! i don’t know who the guy is all the way to the right… seemed like he was a… Continue Reading →

courtney’s cardinal rules of karaoke

First, dear readers, an apology for my extended absence. I promise to mend my wicked ways and catch up – But a quick post just to brush the cobwebs off. On Thursday, as a send-off for our much-beloved Josh, a… Continue Reading →

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