so, along with a bazillion other people, i have been keeping an eye open for the latest Common Craft “…in Plain English” videos. I posted on these at my other blog – right now there’s one on RSS (watch it, then subscribe to my blog feed, if you haven’t already, eh?) and one on wikis, great, short explanations of what these technologies do and how they can be useful.

as it turns out, these folks are really interesting in other areas of their life as well. it seems Lee and Sachi LeFever traveled all over the world for 366 days, basically all of 2006, and saw something like 29 countries. they blogged about their trip – the world is not flat. give it a look. it’s inspiring.

since this is my blog i started to think about what countries i’d like to visit if i had a year to do so. i noticed that they skipped africa and south america pretty much completely — see their map.

anyway, it’s definitely a work in progress – i mean, Canada got one pin total – but I’ve started my own Google Map … a travel wish list. i’ll add to it, notate it, mark where i’ve been already …