I should probably begin this (pretty short) review by saying, I really only watched Cabaret because I felt like I should – meaning, it’s one of those movies (or musicals) that nearly everyone has seen (or at least it seemed that way to me).

Well, here’s my take. It was filmed in 1972, and it feels really early 70s to me, at least the production. Those are some of the most pre-Disco post-Flapper outfits I’ve ever seen. 🙂 Also, I have this working theory that the ‘realism’ emphasis in many 70s movies really just translates to ‘hopeless’ ‘upsetting’ or ‘depressing.’ (See Exhibit A, B, C, D, there are more … ) Whatever, it was a tough decade. There was a lot to be upset about, from the big stuff like Vietnam to the general prevalence of polyester. I’m not saying movies have to always be happy. I just don’t enjoy nihilism, or in layman’s terms, feeling left flat. But any reader of mine (or anyone who knows me) knows that I am a pretty hopeful person, something of a Pollyanna.

Back to the movie. All I could think about, most of the time, was the scene in The Birdcage where Robin Williams’s character is coaching at the beginning, and does his little “Fosse! Fosse! Fosse!” thing.

It was OK, I guess – I don’t know all the music from it, which might have made a difference, but I am beginning to think it was just not ‘my’ kind of musical; and that it is a bit obvious. I don’t find Sally Bowles likeable, particularly, and you just know it is all going to go to pot because of the set up of the whole thing. So I basically dreaded the ending (and looked forward to it being over) the entire time.

Rating: two and a half lukewarm steins in the fists of cheery Aryan youth, out of a possible five (steins, and youth).

All That Jazz is in my queue; now I am kind of nervous about bothering. Anyone who’s seen them both, based on my review here, want to give me any advice?