well, Peter beat me to the punch on this one, so you can read about his take as well, but yesterday evening he and Conrad and myself enjoyed a really nice evening of music, dinner, and company at Ravinia: Seu Jorge and Cesaria Evora. i’ve lived in Chicago nearly seven years now (wowza, how did that happen) and this was my first time up to Ravinia. i can say with some confidence it won’t be my last (well, there are the tickets i have to see Lyle Lovett in a couple weeks to bring me back for sure, but this is something i think i will be doing more of).

my photos are over at my flickr site, linked to throughout (i am still figuring out how to blog multiple photos from flickr in the same post, sorry)

we arrived pretty early and so got a great spot quite near the stage, a bit towards the left side.

Conrad has a very impressive picnic kit (which i confess, i would like to steal, er, have one like. we dined on rotisserie chicken, a tortellini salad with some tasty olives, roasted red peppers, etc.. some roasted asparagus, and a wonderful dessert provided by Peter (really, follow the link above to his post to see those photos, just delightful).

it really was just perfect, not too hot there, and we had some shade. Peter patiently got me started learning cribbage; Conrad enjoyed some magazines; we had a lovely time per usual, and of course the music was really great.

Peter documented the evening also. 🙂

i’ll be looking forward to another Ravinia picnic in less than seven years, let me tell you.