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Month June 2007

the fountain

so on this, the first evening of my temporary academic reprieve, i thought to myself, perhaps i’ll just watch a couple movies and go to bed early … apparently instead, i will blog about movies instead, cause you know i… Continue Reading →

a lovely summer evening at ravinia

well, Peter beat me to the punch on this one, so you can read about his take as well, but yesterday evening he and Conrad and myself enjoyed a really nice evening of music, dinner, and company at Ravinia: Seu… Continue Reading →

girls weekend

this face could melt a heart of stone Originally uploaded by crgreene just a quick post for now … Chelsea and Ellie (pictured, from an earlier trip of mine to B-ton) came up this weekend and we had ourselves a… Continue Reading →

the world is not flat

so, along with a bazillion other people, i have been keeping an eye open for the latest Common Craft “…in Plain English” videos. I posted on these at my other blog – right now there’s one on RSS (watch it,… Continue Reading →

update on the fish

well, i gave the fish a try last night. sadly, though i had the bamboo shoots ready, i forgot to toss them in. bummer. however, i did add some green beans, some lovely fresh crunchy long ones, along with a… Continue Reading →

exciting, or scary?

Google is cool, I’m down with that Kool-aid … but when you’re little, Big Brother is an awe-inspiring, cool guy too. I guess we just hope for the best? Thoughts? BBC: Google’s Email for Universities

The Broadcast Day Has Ended

NYT: Converters Signal a New Era for TVs…”The nearly 20 million homes that rely on rabbit ears for reception will receive as much as $80 to move to digital.” I think I’ll let the gov’t keep my $40, but I… Continue Reading →


hee hee. LOLcats-style treatment branches out to the 80s. Check this out. I tried to find a better one but the site they refer to takes FOREVER to load, and anyway, I think they grabbed an awesome example.

back to the future….

watch this keeping in mind it was made in 1987. golly. [youtube]

fish of the future

Welcome to a new thematic posting series, ‘perishables.’ I’m sorry, when I impulsively renamed my personal blog “Odd Size Baggage” a few months ago I didn’t realize I would also be giving birth to a host of ridiculous airport- or… Continue Reading →

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