jetsetting, a morning flight in, off to a consulting gig, a bit of shopping, a glass of red wine with dinner, an evening flight out, ….

sounds fancy huh. well, how about this:

1. alarm set for 5am. [ugh]
2. author awakes at 5:54.
3. author starts car, fully dressed, at 6:08.
4. author parks car in terminal garage at 6:40.
5. author parks self in airplane seat at 6:57.
6. arrives st louis airport 8:05am, still no coffee, no breakfast.
7. mcdonald’s [go big or go home] in the (red?! chevy) rental car. did i mention we are a ford family?
8. workshop running half hour behind upon arrival in Edwardsville [thank goodness]
9. teach all day until 4:30. sick of hearing oneself. completely unable to articulate one’s pervasive, strong dislike of powerpoint and impactica, and justify other methods of disseminating instruction. no one really cares anyway. 🙂
10. back into rental car, which smells faintly of smoking.
11. oh, blessed retail. welcome to the St Louis Galleria.
12. 45 minutes and one dress, three shirts, a pair of earrings and a necklace later, depart H&M.
13. california pizza kitchen
14. return rental car, take shuttle to airport, find gate and discover a 30 minute delay.
15. delay increases to 40 minutes ( – very handy). thank heavens for laptops and wireless.
16. realize one has not angled sufficiently for the available power outlet for laptop. oh well. this too must pass.

so, that’s my day. i am hoping to get into Midway by 11:30ish, and home and in bed within an hour or so after. perishing for an overpriced water, but here in Saint Louis it seems the airport concessions close up at 9? maybe i haven’t looked hard enough yet.

the good news is, the workshop went well, people seemed to find it useful; and i’ve never been a headliner before. 🙂