so, i’ve been thinking a new project for me might be to write up a short review of the movies i’ve watched, since i find the Netflix rating system to be inadequate. i don’t think i’m the only one with this issue – how many films, truly, rate ‘meh’… didn’t ‘like’ them, didn’t ‘dislike’ them … more like ‘just OK.’ not one of those experiences where you think, “there’s two hours of my life i’ll never get back” — also not one where you think, “i need to call up everyone i know right away and tell them to see this movie!” i also dislike the fact that now you actually have to send notes to your Netflix friends, instead of just quietly leaving them there for someone to stumble over, perhaps, if they happen to run across that movie.

in any case, since i do watch a fair number of films, and since i often have more to say than ** or *** or even a less frequent *, ****, *****, i’m going to try and exercise that brain and BA of mine and write a little about what i’m watching.

and, as you can tell from the subject, i need some help with a clever little name for this ‘series’ if you will… i’ll take suggestions in the comments. thanks!